The AURIGA optical readout: a photo gallery


This is a collection of pictures of the experimental apparatus developed and used for the optical readout of AURIGA. Some pictures refer to the realized room temperature bar detector equipped with the optical readout. Other pictures refer to parts developed for the cryogenic operation. For larger files, click on the pictures.

A global view of the room temperature bar: the optical transducer is clearly visible, mounted on the bar end face. The little optical bench at the top of the bar middle section is also visible: here is where the end of the optical fiber that scarries the light beam from the optic bench to the transducer, inside the bar housing. Reflective mirrors (also shown) are used to divert light from the little bench to the transducer. Click for a larger, interactive picture.



A view of the room temperature bar: the tiny optical bench mounted on top of the bar middle section is visible. The blue-jacketed optical fiber is visible: it enters the bar vacuum box (open for the picture) from a flange in the right of the picture and then arrives at the tiny bench on the bar top. The U belly cable that suspends the bar is also visible.



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