Analysis : hardware and software


The data analysis can be performed on-line, while the acquisition software collects the data, or can be run off-line usually at faster speed, for the purpose of applying new versions of the software to old data.

The analysis software is written with the CASE Artifex, by Artis Software. It can run in a rather wide variety of hardware architectures, as Artifex automatically handles the porting of the software, and there are no special hardware drivers needed.

The main features of the software are:

       ARMA implementation of the Wiener-Kolmogorov filter

       ARMA fully digital lock-ins

       Bartlett spectral density estimators


The advantage of a fully digital manipulation of the data is the ability of building an optimum and perfectly reversible implementation of a filter. This is due on one side to the absence of un-controlled phase distortions or noise degradation of the signal (but for approximation errors); on the other side an a-causal filter (like Wiener-Kolmogorov  filter) cannot be built without a delay line, which is easier to realize with digital rather than analog devices.

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