AURIGA: the acquisition software


The main tool for writing acquisition software is the CASE Artifex, by Artis Software. The output code is standard ANSI C, and is compiled under Sun/OS and Solaris. The processes involved in acquisition are
  • VXI: controls the VXI acquisition boards
  • SERVER MONITOR: it bounds the acquisition software to the monitor and setup user interface
  • COLLECT: it reads from various input ports the data and setup parameters, format them into a frame, and send them to the other processes and/or the analysis.
  • DISK: it handles the data output to hard disk
  • TAPE: it regularly frees disk space backing up the files to digital tape (DLT cassettes)
  • ANALYSIS: sends the data through an Ethernet connection to the analysis workstation, where the data analysis software is running. It is fault-tolerant for short (~few minutes) network interruption.
  • GPIB: it handles the GPIB communication port to auxiliary instrumentation

ERROR: it logs errors in the acquisition processes, and send warning messages to the system operator.