AURIGA: the SQUID for run2 


Before acquiring the signal developed by the transducer it is necessary to amplify it: ideally this should be done without introducing further noise. In reality a noisless amplifier does not exist and we are therefore forced to use a noisy amplifier that we choose to be the less noisy available. 

The amplifier for AURIGA is based on a SQUID (Superconducting QUantum Interference Device), as in the first run RUN1. The R&D program that AURIGA carried out in the past years, and which is still in progress, has allowed a detailed comprehension of the SQUID properties and consequently has led to the developement of a very quite amplifier, which we emply in the second run RUN2.

For the second run AURIGA will employ a two-stage SQUID amplifier. This is 

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