This page lists recent AURIGA papers. For each entry you will get the abstract, and then you can decide whether you want to download the paper itself. In some cases figures have to be invoked separately.

Papers from 1997:

  • Preprint-1/97: M. Cerdonio et al.:
  • Preprint-3/97: L. Conti et al.:
  • Preprint-4/97: G. A. Prodi et al.:
  • Preprint-5/97: A. Ortolan et al.:

  • Papers from 1996:

  • Preprint-1/96: S. Vitale et al.:
  • Preprint-2/96: S. Vitale et al.:
  • Preprint-3/96: G.A. Prodi et al.:
  • Internal Note 108/96: A.Ortolan et al.
  • Internal Note 109/96: G.Vedovato et al.

  • Papers from 1995, 1994, 1993

    Last update: 7-Jul-1998.