The AURIGA publications: 1995

This is a list of works done by people in the group, concerning AURIGA and its R&Ds. This page lists AURIGA COLLABORATION papers of 1995. For each entry you will get the abstract, and then you can decide whether you want to see the paper itself. In some cases display of figures has to be invoked separately.
  • Preprint-1/95: S. Vitale et al.:
  • Preprint-2/95: M. Cerdonio et al.:
  • Preprint-3/95: M. Cerdonio et al.:
  • Preprint-4/95: M. Biasotto et al.:
  • Preprint-5/95: G. Vedovato e A. Ortolan:
  • Preprint-6/95: S. Vitale et al.:
  • Preprint-7/95: M. Cerdonio et al.:
  • Preprint-8/95: S. Caruso et al.:
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